• A kind of mahogany, the wood of <em>Cedrela fissilis</em>: also applied to the true mahogany and other similar woods. See <internalXref urlencoded="mahogany">mahogany</internalXref>.
  • The fruit of the tree <em>Anacardium occidentale.</em> See <em>cashew-nut, cashew-tree.</em>
  • A gum or resin extracted from the bark of <em>Anacardium occidentale.</em>
  • The cashew tree; also, its fruit. See <xref urlencoded="cashew">cashew</xref>.
  • The mahogany tree; also, its timber.
  • The wood from the <xref>mahogany</xref> tree or other trees from the family <xref>Meliaceae</xref>.
  • A moderate reddish brown that is slightly yellower and stronger than <xref>mahogany</xref> acajou colour:    
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