• The act of acquiring.
  • An attainment, such as a skill or social accomplishment.
  • The act of acquiring; especially, the gaining of knowledge or mental attributes.
  • That which is acquired; attainment: commonly in the plural.
  • <strong>Synonyms</strong> Gathering, gaining.
  • <em>Acquirements, Acquisitions, Attainments, Accomplishments, Endowments, Enduements</em>; gain, resources. <em>Acquisitions</em> is the most general term, but it is gradually being restricted to material gains. <em>Attainments</em> denotes exclusively intellectual or moral acquisitions: as, a man of great <em>attainments</em>; his spiritual <em>attainments</em> were high. <em>Acquirements</em> has nearly the same meaning as <em>attainments</em>, though it is sometimes loosely used as equivalent to <em>acquisitions</em>; it has more direct reference to particular things acquired: as, skill in boxing was among his <em>acquirements. Accomplishments</em> are attainments or acquirements, particularly such as fit the possessor for society: as, French, dancing, and music were the sum of her <em>accomplishments. Endowments</em> are the gifts of nature, as genius or aptitude. <em>Enduements</em> are endowments, acquirements, or attainments in the field of moral and spiritual life, but they are opposed to <em>attainments</em> in being regarded as gifts from heaven rather than as the result of personal endeavor. See <internalXref urlencoded="endue">endue</internalXref>.
  • The act of acquiring, or that which is acquired; attainment.
  • The act of acquiring, or that which is acquired; <xref>attainment</xref>.
  • an ability that has been acquired by training
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