• A grayish-white antelope <em>(Addax nasomaculatus)</em> of northern Africa having long, spirally twisted horns.
  • The native name of a species of African antelope, a ruminant, hoofed, artiodactyl quadruped, of the subfamily <em>Antilopinæ</em>, family <em>Bovidæ</em>; the <em>Antilope addax</em> of Lichtenstein, <em>Oryx addax</em> of some, <em>Oryx nasomaculatus</em> of others, now <em>Addax nasomaculatus</em>: the word <em>addax</em> thus becoming technically a generic name, after having been a technical specific term, as well as originally a vernacular appellation.
  • None
  • A genus of antelopes of the subfamily <em>Oryginæ</em>, of which the addax
  • One of the largest African antelopes (<spn>Hippotragusnasomaculatus</spn> or <spn>Oryx nasomaculatus</spn>).
  • One of the largest <xref>African</xref> <xref>antelopes</xref> (Hippotragus, ∨ Oryx, nasomaculatus). It is now believed to be the Strepsiceros (twisted horn) of the ancients. By some it is thought to be the <xref>pygarg</xref> of the <xref>Bible</xref>.
  • large antelope with lightly spiraled horns of desert regions of northern Africa
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