• Close to; lying near.
  • Next to; adjoining.
  • Lying near, close, or contiguous; adjoining; neighboring: as, a field <em>adjacent</em> to the highway.
  • That which is next or contiguous; an abutting neighbor.
  • In <em>logic</em>, a predicate.
  • That which is adjacent.
  • Lying near, close, or contiguous; neighboring; bordering on.
  • See <er>Angle</er>.
  • None
  • Lying <xref>next to</xref>, close, or <xref>contiguous</xref>; <xref>neighboring</xref>; <xref>bordering</xref> on.
  • Just <xref>before</xref>, <xref>after</xref>, or <xref>facing</xref>.
  • Something that lies next to something else, especially the side of a <xref>right triangle</xref> that is neither the <xref>hypotenuse</xref> nor the <xref>opposite</xref>.
  • <xref>Next to</xref>; adjacent to; <xref>beside</xref>.
  • having a common boundary or edge; abutting; touching
  • nearest in space or position; immediately adjoining without intervening space
  • near or close to but not necessarily touching
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