• To suspend until a later stated time.
  • To suspend proceedings to another time or place.
  • To move from one place to another.
  • To put off or defer, properly to another day, but also till a later period indefinitely.
  • Specifically To suspend the meeting of, as a public or private body, to a future day or to another place; also, defer or postpone to a future meeting of the same body: as, the court <em>adjourned</em> the consideration of the question.
  • To suspend a sitting or transaction till another day, or transfer it to another place: usually said of legislatures, courts, or other formally organized bodies: as, the legislature <em>adjourned</em> at four o'clock; the meeting <em>adjourned</em> to the town hall.
  • To put off or defer to another day, or indefinitely; to postpone; to close or suspend for the day; -- commonly said of the meeting, or the action, of convened body
  • To suspend business for a time, as from one day to another, or for a longer period, or indefinitely; usually, to suspend public business, as of legislatures and courts, or other convened bodies
  • To <xref>postpone</xref>.
  • <xref>Temporarily</xref> <xref>ending</xref> an <xref>event</xref> with <xref>intentions</xref> to <xref>complete</xref> it at another time or place.
  • Of an event: To <xref>end</xref> or <xref>suspend</xref>
  • To move from one place to another.
  • break from a meeting or gathering
  • close at the end of a session
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