• None
  • To determine or decide by judicial procedure; adjudicate.
  • To order judicially; rule.
  • To award (damages, for example) by law.
  • To regard, consider, or deem.
  • To award judicially; assign: as, the prize was <em>adjudged</em> to him.
  • To decide by a judicial opinion or sentence; adjudicate upon; determine; settle.
  • To pass sentence on; sentence or condemn.
  • To deem; judge; consider.
  • <strong>Synonyms</strong> To decree, adjudicate.
  • To decree; decide; pass sentence.
  • To award judicially in the case of a controverted question.
  • To determine in the exercise of judicial power; to decide or award judicially; to adjudicate.
  • To sentence; to condemn.
  • To regard or hold; to judge; to deem.
  • To <xref>declare</xref> to be.
  • To <xref>deem</xref> or <xref>determine</xref> to be.
  • declare to be
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