• Contained in another, but not dividing it evenly: applied to a number which does not measure another without a remainder: thus, 5 is an <em>aliquant</em> part of 16, for 3 times 5 are 15, leaving a remainder 1.
  • An <ex>aliquant</ex> part of a number or quantity is one which does not divide it without leaving a remainder; thus, 5 is an <ex>aliquant</ex> part of 16. Opposed to <contr>aliquot</contr>.
  • An <xref>integer</xref> that does not <xref>divide</xref> another into integral parts.
  • A sample that has been divided into a set of equal parts, to leave a <xref>remainder</xref>
  • Not dividing another specified integer into integral parts.
  • an integer that is not an exact divisor of some quantity
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