• An upright ornament along the eaves of a tiled roof designed to conceal the joints between the rows of tiles.
  • In <em>class. arch.</em>, an upright ornament, generally of marble or terra cotta, placed at the eaves of a tiled roof, at the end of the last imbrex or tile of each ridge of tiling, to conceal the joining of the tiles.
  • An ornament on a vase so placed as to conceal the part where the handle joins the body.
  • An ornament fixed upon a frieze.
  • An ornament at the eaves, concealing the ends of the joint tiles of the roof.
  • An ornament of the cymatium of a classic cornice, sometimes pierced for the escape of water.
  • The vertical blocks which terminate the covering tiles of the roof of a <xref>Roman</xref>, <xref>Etruscan</xref>, or <xref>Greek</xref> temple.
  • Any decoration serving to cover the ends of roofing tiles.
  • carved ornament at the eaves of a tile roof concealing the joints between tiles
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