• One who studies, collects, or deals in antiquities.
  • Of or relating to antiquarians or to the study or collecting of antiquities.
  • Dealing in or having to do with old or rare books.
  • Pertaining to antiquaries or to antiquarianism; connected with the study of antiquities, particularly of such as are comparatively modern, and of such as have interest rather as curiosities than for their inherent or archæological importance: as, an <em>antiquarian</em> museum.
  • An epithet applied to a size of drawing-paper, 53 × 31 or 52 × 29 inches.
  • Same as <internalXref urlencoded="antiquary">antiquary</internalXref>, 1 and 2.
  • An antiquary.
  • A drawing paper of large size. See under <er>Paper</er>, n.
  • Pertaining to antiquaries, or to antiquity.
  • Pertaining to antiquaries, or to <xref>antiquity</xref>; as, antiquarian literature.
  • A collector, student or expert of <xref>antiquities</xref> or <xref>antiques</xref>.
  • of or relating to persons who study or deal in antiques or antiquities
  • an expert or collector of antiquities
  • of or relating to antiques or antiquities
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