• None
  • A tool with a bladed, usually heavy head mounted crosswise on a handle, used for felling trees or chopping wood.
  • Any of various bladed, handheld implements used as a cutting tool or weapon.
  • A sudden termination of employment.
  • A musical instrument, especially a guitar.
  • To chop or fell with or as if with an ax.
  • To remove ruthlessly or suddenly.
  • (<em>ax to grind</em>) A selfish or ulterior aim.
  • To shape or trim with an ax.
  • An axle; an axis.
  • An instrument used for hewing timber and chopping wood, and also as a weapon of offense.
  • Obsolete or dialectal forms of <internalXref urlencoded="ask">ask</internalXref>.
  • To ask; to inquire or inquire of.
  • A tool or instrument of steel, or of iron with a steel edge or blade, for felling trees, chopping and splitting wood, hewing timber, etc. It is wielded by a wooden helve or handle, so fixed in a socket or eye as to be in the same plane with the blade. The <ex>broadax</ex>, or carpenter's ax, is an ax for hewing timber, made heavier than the chopping ax, and with a broader and thinner blade and a shorter handle.
  • Alternative spelling of <xref>axe</xref>.
  • Alternative spelling of <xref>axe</xref>.
  • Alternative form of <xref>ask</xref>.
  • terminate
  • chop or split with an ax
  • an edge tool with a heavy bladed head mounted across a handle
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