• A usually fretted stringed instrument having a narrow neck and a hollow circular body with a covering of plastic or stretched skin on which the bridge rests. The modern American banjo typically has four strings and often a short fifth string plucked with the thumb.
  • A musical instrument of the guitar class, having a neck with or without frets. and a circular body covered in front with tightly stretched parchment, like a tambourine.
  • A banjo-frame (which see).
  • A form of automatic railway signaling-apparatus in which a flat circular disk, with an arm projecting from one side, is alternately exhibited in front of a glass opening in the signal-box and withdrawn from sight by the make and break of an electric circuit. The shape of the disk and its arm has suggested the name.
  • In <em>mining</em>, an iron frame for carrying a false clack.
  • A stringed musical instrument having a head and neck like the guitar, and a circular body like a tambourine. It has five strings, and is played with the fingers and hands.
  • A stringed <xref>musical instrument</xref> with a round body and <xref>fretted</xref> neck, played by <xref>plucking</xref> or <xref>strumming</xref> the strings.
  • An object shaped like a banjo, especially a <xref>frying pan</xref> or a <xref>shovel</xref>.
  • To play the banjo
  • To beat; to knock down
  • a stringed instrument of the guitar family that has long neck and circular body
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