• A platform lining a trench or parapet wall on which soldiers may stand when firing.
  • A raised sidewalk.
  • A long upholstered bench placed against or built into a wall.
  • A ledge or shelf, as on a buffet.
  • An elevated platform made of stones, running along the walls of cliff-dwellings and kivas.
  • In <em>fortification</em>, a raised way or foot-bank, running along the inside of a parapet breast-high above it, on which riflemen stand to fire upon the enemy.
  • In <em>medieval fortification</em>, an advanced earthwork or palisaded defense outside of the ditch.
  • The footway of a bridge when raised above the carriageway.
  • A bench for passengers, or the space occupied by benches, on the top of a French diligence, and hence of any public vehicle.
  • A sidewalk.
  • A bench or seat for passengers on the top of a diligence or other public vehicle.
  • A raised way or foot bank, running along the inside of a parapet, on which musketeers stand to fire upon the enemy.
  • A narrow window seat; a raised shelf at the back or the top of a buffet or dresser.
  • A (typically upholstered) bench-like seat that runs along a wall.
  • A similar bench in a military trench which soldiers stand on to shoot.
  • A sidewalk.
  • an upholstered bench
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