• A small, exquisitely wrought trinket.
  • Small and elegant.
  • . A jewel; specifically, a jewel of gold richly wrought in the metal itself without the aid of precious stones. See <internalXref urlencoded="bijouterie">bijouterie</internalXref>.
  • Hence<strong>2</strong>. An object of beauty of small size; something delicately pretty; any relatively small charming object.
  • A trinket; a jewel; -- a word applied to anything small and of elegant workmanship.
  • <xref>jewel</xref>
  • a piece of <xref>jewelry</xref>, a <xref>trinket</xref>
  • a small intricately made metalworking
  • small and elegant
  • <xref>intricate</xref>; finely made
  • a small and delicately worked piece
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