• None
  • A pale orange-yellow to yellowish gray.
  • An advantage allowed an inferior player in certain games, such as a free point in tennis, an extra turn in croquet, or an additional stroke in golf.
  • None
  • A rich, creamy soup made from meat, fish, or shellfish.
  • A thick cream soup made of puréed vegetables.
  • Ice cream mixed with crushed macaroons or nuts.
  • In <em>ceramics</em>: Formerly, same as <internalXref urlencoded="biscuit">biscuit</internalXref>, 3.
  • A variety of unglazed white porcelain used for statuettes and other small figures.
  • In <em>cookery</em>, a soup made of meat or fish slowly stewed until all the strength is extracted, and thickened with finely minced or shredded forcemeat; specifically, such a soup made from crabs, crawfish, shrimps, and the like. Also spelled <internalXref urlencoded="bisk">bisk</internalXref>.
  • See <internalXref urlencoded="bisk">bisk</internalXref>.
  • An ice-cream with which powdered macaroons are mixed before freezing. Called also <internalXref urlencoded="biscuit%20Tortoni">biscuit Tortoni</internalXref>.
  • See <internalXref urlencoded="bisk">bisk</internalXref>.
  • Unglazed white porcelain.
  • A point taken by the receiver of odds in the game of tennis; also, an extra innings allowed to a weaker player in croquet.
  • A white soup made of crayfish.
  • A <xref>thick</xref> <xref>creamy</xref> <xref>soup</xref> made from <xref>fish</xref>, <xref>shellfish</xref>, <xref>meat</xref> or <xref>vegetables</xref>.
  • An <xref>extra</xref> <xref>turn</xref>, <xref>free</xref> <xref>point</xref> or some other <xref>advantage</xref> <xref>allowed</xref>.
  • A pale <xref>pinkish</xref> <xref>brown</xref> <xref>colour</xref>.
  • of a pale <xref>pinkish</xref> <xref>brown</xref> <xref>colour</xref>
  • a thick cream soup made from shellfish
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