• A rich mine, vein, or pocket of ore.
  • A source of great wealth or prosperity.
  • Very extensive and profitable. Compare <internalXref urlencoded="bonanza">bonanza</internalXref>, n., 2.
  • A term in common use in the Pacific States, signifying a rich mass of ore: opposed to <em>borrasca.</em>
  • Hence—2. A mine of wealth; a profitable thing; good luck: as, to strike a <em>bonanza.</em>
  • In mining, a rich mine or vein of silver or gold; hence, anything which is a mine of wealth or yields a large income.
  • In <xref>mining</xref>, a rich <xref>mine</xref> or <xref>vein</xref> of silver or gold.
  • The point at which two <xref>mother lodes</xref> intersect
  • By extension, anything which is a mine of <xref>wealth</xref> or yields a large <xref>income</xref> or <xref>return</xref>.
  • a sudden happening that brings good fortune (as a sudden opportunity to make money)
  • an especially rich vein of precious ore
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