• None
  • A small retail shop that specializes in gifts, fashionable clothes, accessories, or food, for example.
  • A small shop located within a large department store or supermarket.
  • A small business offering specialized products and services.
  • A shop or place where goods are sold at retail.
  • Specialized in <xref>bespoke</xref> or <xref>custom-made</xref> products for clientele in a <xref>niche market</xref>.
  • A small <xref>shop</xref>, especially one that sells <xref>fashionable</xref> <xref>clothes</xref>, <xref>jewelry</xref> and the like.
  • A small shop located within a larger one.
  • A film production company making only a few movies per year.
  • a shop that sells women's clothes and jewelry
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