• Any of various usually colorful fishes of the family Ostraciidae of warm coastal waters, having a boxlike shape with the body enclosed in bony armorlike plates.
  • Any of various similar fishes of the family Aracanidae of deep temperate waters.
  • A name of sundry plectognath fishes of the suborder <em>Gymnodontes</em> and family <em>Tetrodontidœ.</em>
  • The trunkfish.
  • Any of the <xref>family</xref> Ostraciidae of <xref>squared</xref>, <xref>bony</xref> <xref>fish</xref>, closely related to the <xref>pufferfish</xref> and <xref>filefish</xref>.
  • any of numerous small tropical fishes having body and head encased in bony plates
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