• Exposed to breezes; windy.
  • Fresh and animated; lively.
  • Of the nature of a breeze; blowy; windy.
  • Fanned with gentle winds or breezes: as, the <em>breezy</em> shore.
  • Figuratively, brisk; lively; sprightly: as, a <em>breezy</em> essay.
  • Characterized by, or having, breezes; airy.
  • Fresh; brisk; full of life.
  • with a <xref>breeze</xref> <xref>blowing</xref>, with a <xref>lively</xref> <xref>wind</xref>, <xref>pleasantly</xref> <xref>windy</xref>
  • with a <xref>cheerful</xref>, <xref>casual</xref>, <xref>lively</xref> and <xref>light-hearted</xref> <xref>manner</xref>
  • this sense?) <xref>flatulent</xref>
  • fresh and animated
  • abounding in or exposed to the wind or breezes
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