• To move, dig out, or demolish with a bulldozer.
  • To coerce, intimidate, or bully.
  • To do away with; terminate.
  • To operate a bulldozer.
  • To proceed forcefully or insensitively.
  • To punish summarily with a bull-whip; cowhide.
  • To coerce or intimidate by violence or threats; especially, in politics, to bully; influence unfairly: applied particularly to the practices of some southern whites since the civil war.
  • To intimidate; to restrain or coerce by intimidation or violence; -- used originally of the intimidation of negro voters, in Louisiana.
  • To destroy with a <xref>bulldozer</xref>.
  • to push someone over by heading straight over them. Often used in conjunction with "over".
  • To push through forcefully.
  • to shoot down an idea immediately and forcefully.
  • To <xref>intimidate</xref>; to <xref>restrain</xref> or <xref>coerce</xref> by intimidation or <xref>violence</xref>; used originally of the intimidation of black voters in <xref>Louisiana</xref>.
  • flatten with or as if with a bulldozer
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