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  • A melaleuca tree <em>(Melaleuca cajuputi)</em> of Southeast Asia and Australia whose leaves yield an essential oil.
  • The oil obtained from this tree, used as a flavoring and in cosmetics and medicinal preparations.
  • Any of several other melaleucas, especially <em>M. leucadendra</em> or <em>M. quinquenervia,</em> which is naturalized in southern Florida.
  • A small myrtaceous tree or shrub of the Moluccas and neighboring islands, <em>Melaleuca Cajuputi</em> or <em>minor</em>, a variety of <em>M. Leucadendron</em> or a distinct species, with lanceolate aromatic leaves and odorless flowers in spikes. Also written <internalXref urlencoded="cajuput">cajuput</internalXref>.
  • The spice-tree of California: so named on account of the properties of its oil. See <internalXref urlencoded="spice-tree">spice-tree</internalXref>.
  • See <xref urlencoded="cajuput">cajuput</xref>.
  • Alternative form of <xref>cajuput</xref>.
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