• The univalent group, −COOH, the functional group characteristic of all organic acids.
  • A hypothetical organic radical having the formula COOH.
  • The complex radical, CO.OH, regarded as the essential and characteristic constituent which all oxygen acids of carbon (as formic, acetic, benzoic acids, etc.) have in common; -- called also <altname>oxatyl</altname>.
  • A <xref>univalent</xref> <xref>functional group</xref> consisting of a <xref>carbonyl</xref> and a <xref>hydroxyl</xref> functional group (-<xref>CO.OH</xref>); characteristic of <xref>carboxylic acids</xref>.
  • relating to or containing the carboxyl group or carboxyl radical
  • the univalent radical -COOH; present in and characteristic of organic acids
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