• To burn or sear with a cautery.
  • To deaden, as to feelings or moral scruples; callous.
  • To burn or sear with fire or a hot iron, or with caustics, as morbid flesh.
  • To sear, in a figurative sense.
  • To burn or sear with a cautery or caustic.
  • To sear, as the conscience.
  • To <xref>burn</xref>, <xref>sear</xref>, or <xref>freeze</xref> <xref>tissue</xref> using a <xref>hot</xref> <xref>iron</xref>, <xref>electric</xref> <xref>current</xref> or a <xref>caustic</xref> <xref>agent</xref>.
  • burn, sear, or freeze (tissue) using a hot iron or electric current or a caustic agent
  • make insensitive or callous; deaden feelings or morals
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