• A neck-shaped anatomical structure, such as the narrow outer end of the uterus.
  • The neck.
  • In <em>zoology</em> and <em>anatomy</em>:
  • The neck; the constricted part of the body between the head and the chest.
  • The back of the neck; the scruff of the neck, regarded either as to its surface or its deep parts.
  • That part of a rib which is situated between its head and shoulder; the neck of a rib, between the capitellum and the tuberculum.
  • In <em>entomology</em>, the upper part of the occiput or back of the head, over the occipital foramen, and adjoining the vertex.
  • Part of an organ likened to a neck: as, the <em>cervix</em> of the womb or bladder.
  • In <em>botany</em>, a rhizome or rootstock.
  • The neck; also, the necklike portion of any part, as of the womb. See <ex>Illust.</ex> of <xref urlencoded="bird">bird</xref>.
  • The <xref>neck</xref>
  • The <xref>necklike</xref> portion of any part, as of the <xref>womb</xref>.
  • The lower, narrow portion of the <xref>uterus</xref> where it joins with the top end of the <xref>vagina</xref>.
  • necklike opening to the uterus
  • the part of an organism (human or animal) that connects the head to the rest of the body
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