• A group of persons hired to applaud at a performance.
  • A group of fawning admirers.
  • In theaters, a set of men, called <internalXref urlencoded="claqueurs">claqueurs</internalXref>, distributed through the audience, and hired to applaud the piece or the actors; the system of paid applause.
  • Hence Any band of admirers applauding and praising from interested motives.
  • A collection of persons employed to applaud at a theatrical exhibition.
  • a group of sycophantic followers.
  • A group of people hired to attend a performance and to either <xref>applaud</xref> or <xref>boo</xref>.
  • A group of people who <xref>pre-arrange</xref> among themselves to express strong support for an idea, so as to give the false impression of a wider <xref>consensus</xref>.
  • A group of <xref>fawning</xref> <xref>admirers</xref>.
  • a group of followers hired to applaud at a performance
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