• Joined together; united.
  • Acting in association; combined.
  • Of or relating to successive tones of the scale, moving step by step.
  • One that is in conjunction or association with another.
  • One of the components of a conjunction.
  • Conjoined; conjoint; united; associated; concurrent.
  • A combination; an association; a union.
  • United; conjoined; concurrent.
  • Same as <er>Conjoined</er>.
  • Either <xref>term</xref> of a <xref>conjunction</xref>
  • An <xref>adjunct</xref> that supplements a <xref>sentence</xref> with <xref>information</xref>, not considered to be an essential part of the <xref>propositional</xref> content, that connects the sentence with previous parts of the discourse, as "therefore" in "It was raining. Therefore, we didn't go swimming."
  • <xref>conjoined</xref>
  • <xref>acting</xref> <xref>together</xref>; <xref>collaborative</xref>
  • bound in close association
  • progressing melodically by intervals of a second
  • involving the joint activity of two or more
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