• The act or art of conjuring.
  • A magic spell or incantation.
  • A magic trick or magical effect.
  • A solemn appeal; an entreaty.
  • A conspiracy; a plot; a league for criminal ends.
  • The act of calling on or invoking lay a sacred name; adjuration; supplication; solemn entreaty.
  • A magical form of words used with the view of evoking supernatural aid; an incantation; an enchantment; a magic spell.
  • The act of calling or summoning by a sacred name, or in solemn manner; the act of binding by an oath; an earnest entreaty; adjuration.
  • The act or process of invoking supernatural aid by the use of a magical form of words; the practice of magic arts; incantation; enchantment.
  • A league for a criminal purpose; conspiracy.
  • <xref>conjuring</xref>, <xref>legerdemain</xref> or <xref>magic</xref>
  • a magic <xref>trick</xref>
  • The act of calling or summoning by a <xref>sacred</xref> name, or in solemn manner, or binding by an <xref>oath</xref>; an <xref>earnest</xref> <xref>entreaty</xref>; <xref>adjuration</xref>.
  • A <xref>league</xref> for a <xref>criminal</xref> purpose; <xref>conspiracy</xref>.
  • a ritual recitation of words or sounds believed to have a magical effect
  • an illusory feat; considered magical by naive observers
  • calling up a spirit or devil
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