• Following as an effect, result, or conclusion; consequent.
  • Having important consequences; significant.
  • None
  • Important; influential.
  • Pompous; self-important.
  • Following as the effect or result; resultant.
  • Havingt the consequence properly connected with the premises; logically correct; conclusive.
  • Assuming airs of consequence or great self-importance, or characterized by such affectation; conceited; pompous: applied to persons and their manners.
  • An inference; a deduction; a conclusion.
  • Following as a consequence, result, or logical inference; consequent.
  • Assuming or exhibiting an air of consequence; pretending to importance; pompous; self-important. See <er>Consequence</er>, n., 4.
  • Actionable damage, but not following as an immediate result of an act.
  • following as a result
  • having <xref>significant</xref> <xref>consequences</xref>; of <xref>importance</xref>
  • something which is <xref>important</xref> or significant
  • someone who is <xref>self-important</xref>
  • having important issues or results
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