• To engage in coquetry; flirt.
  • To trifle; dally.
  • See <internalXref urlencoded="cocket">cocket</internalXref> and <em>coquette.</em>
  • To attempt, out of vanity, to attract the notice, admiration, or love of; entertain with compliments and amorous flattery; treat with an appearance of amorous tenderness.
  • To trifle in love; act the lover from vanity; endeavor to gain admirers.
  • Hence To trifle, in general; act without seriousness or decision.
  • To attempt to attract the notice, admiration, or love of; to treat with a show of tenderness or regard, with a view to deceive and disappoint.
  • To trifle in love; to stimulate affection or interest; to play the coquette; to deal playfully instead of seriously; to play (with).
  • A <xref>flirtatious</xref> female; a <xref>coquette</xref>.
  • A flirtatious male.
  • Act as a <xref>flirt</xref> or coquet.
  • Waste time; <xref>dally</xref>.
  • talk or behave amorously, without serious intentions
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