• Of excellent quality or ability; fine.
  • See <internalXref urlencoded="crackajack">crackajack</internalXref>.
  • An individual of marked ability or excellence, esp. in some sport.
  • A preparation of popped corn, candied and pressed into small cakes. The name Cracker Jack(TM) is now a trademark for a similar confection.
  • something excellent of its kind.
  • Of marked ability or excellence.
  • Exceptionally fine or excellent; top-notch; high quality.
  • Expert, top-rated or high-performing.
  • Referring to clothing items (pants, jersey, collar) that comprise the traditional blue uniform of the enlisted men of the US <xref>Navy</xref>, following the sailor uniform worn by Sailor Jack on boxes of <xref>Cracker Jack snacks</xref>.
  • An exceptionally <xref>fine</xref> or <xref>excellent</xref> thing or person.
  • An expert or top-rated individual (e.g., a marksman)
  • The traditional blue uniforms of the enlisted men of the US <xref>Navy</xref>.
  • A sailor.
  • someone excellent of their kind
  • something excellent of its kind
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