• A groove inside the end of a barrel or cask into which the head is set.
  • The cross-groove in the staves of a cask or barrel in which the edge of the head is inserted.
  • A coopers' tool for cutting a cross-groove in staves for the head of a cask. It resembles a circular plane.
  • To make a croze or groove in, as a barrel.
  • In <em>hat-making</em>, to refold (a hat-body) so that different surfaces may in turn be presented to the action of the felting-machine.
  • A cooper's tool for making the grooves for the heads of casks, etc.; also, the groove itself.
  • A <xref>groove</xref> at the ends of the <xref>staves</xref> of a <xref>barrel</xref> into which the edge of the <xref>head</xref> is fitted
  • A <xref>cooper</xref>'s <xref>tool</xref> for making these grooves.
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