• The state of being dejected; low spirits.
  • Evacuation of the intestinal tract; defecation.
  • In <em>geology</em>, volcanic debris; a sediment of volcanic origin.
  • The act of casting down; a casting down; prostration.
  • Depression; diminution.
  • In <em>medicine</em>: Fecal discharge; evacuation.
  • The matter discharged or voided; dejecta: often in the plural: as, the <em>dejections</em> of cholera; watery <em>dejections.</em>
  • 4. The state of being downcast; depression or lowness of spirits; melancholy.
  • In <em>astrology</em>, the house furthest removed from the exaltation of a planet.
  • A casting down; depression.
  • The act of humbling or abasing one's self.
  • Lowness of spirits occasioned by grief or misfortune; mental depression; melancholy.
  • A low condition; weakness; inability.
  • None
  • The discharge of excrement.
  • Fæces; excrement.
  • a state of <xref>melancholy</xref> or <xref>depression</xref>; low spirits, the <xref>blues</xref>
  • The act of humbling or abasing oneself.
  • A low condition; weakness; inability.
  • <xref>Defecation</xref> or <xref>feces</xref>.
  • a state of melancholy depression
  • solid excretory product evacuated from the bowels
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