• Of or located on the right side.
  • Situated on or being the side of a shield on the wearer's right and the observer's left.
  • Auspicious; favorable.
  • Pertaining to or situated on the right hand; right, as opposed to left: as, the <em>dexter</em> side of a shield.
  • In <em>heraldry</em>, that side of the shield which is toward the right when the shield is braced or fitted upon the arm; hence, the side of the field toward the left of the spectator.
  • One of a breed of small hardy cattle originating from the Kerry breed of Ireland, valuable both for beef and milk. They are usually chiefly black, sometimes red, and somewhat resemble a small shorthorn in build. Called also <altname>Dexter Kerry</altname>.
  • Pertaining to, or situated on, the right hand; right, as opposed to <ant>sinister</ant>, or <ant>left</ant>.
  • On the right-hand side of a shield, i. e., towards the right hand of its wearer. To a spectator in front, as in a pictorial representation, this would be the left side.
  • a point in the dexter upper corner of the shield, being in the dexter extremity of the chief, as A in the cut.
  • None
  • a point in the dexter lower part or base of the shield, as B in the cut.
  • <xref>Right</xref>; on the right-hand side.
  • The right side of a shield from the wearer's standpoint, and the left side to the viewer.
  • right hand
  • on or starting from the wearer's right
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