• Any of a group of long-chain polymers of glucose with various molecular weights that are used in confections, in lacquers, as food additives, and as plasma volume expanders.
  • A gum found in unripe beet-root and in molasses, and formed, together with mannite, by the mucic fermentation of sugar. It is a white amorphous substance readily soluble in water, and dextrorotatory. It has the formula C<sub>6</sub>H<sub>10</sub>O<sub>5</sub>.
  • a <xref>biopolymer</xref> of <xref>glucose</xref> produced by <xref>enzymes</xref> of certain <xref>bacteria</xref>; used as a <xref>substitute</xref> for <xref>blood plasma</xref>, and as a <xref>stationary phase</xref> in <xref>chromatography</xref>
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