• None
  • To render unqualified or unfit.
  • To declare unqualified or ineligible.
  • To deprive of legal rights, powers, or privileges.
  • To deprive of the necessary qualifications; deprive of natural or legal power, or the qualities or rights necessary for some purpose; disable; unfit: generally with <em>for</em>, sometimes with <em>from</em>: as, ill health <em>disqualifies</em> the body <em>for</em> labor and the mind <em>for</em> study; a conviction of perjury <em>disqualifies</em> a man <em>for</em> being a witness.
  • To deprive of the qualities or properties necessary for any purpose; to render unfit; to incapacitate; -- with <ex>for</ex> or <ex>from</ex> before the purpose, state, or act.
  • To deprive of some power, right, or privilege, by positive restriction; to disable; to debar legally.
  • To make <xref>ineligible</xref> for something, by the explicit revocation of a previous <xref>qualification</xref>.
  • make unfit or unsuitable
  • declare unfit
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