• To use a bulldozer; bulldoze.
  • To sleep lightly and intermittently.
  • To spend (time) dozing or as if dozing.
  • A short, light sleep.
  • To fall into a light sleep.
  • To sleep lightly or fitfully; especially, to fall into a light sleep unintentionally.
  • To be in a state of drowsiness; be dull or half asleep: as, to <internalXref urlencoded="doze">doze</internalXref> over a book.
  • <strong>Synonyms</strong> <em>Drowse, Slumber</em>, etc. See <internalXref urlencoded="sleep">sleep</internalXref>.
  • To pass or spend in drowsiness: as, to <internalXref urlencoded="doze">doze</internalXref> away one's time.
  • To make dull; overcome as with drowsiness.
  • A light sleep; a fitful slumber.
  • A light sleep; a drowse.
  • To slumber; to sleep lightly; to be in a dull or stupefied condition, as if half asleep; to be drowsy.
  • To pass or spend in drowsiness.
  • To make dull; to stupefy.
  • to <xref>sleep</xref> <xref>lightly</xref> or briefly; to <xref>nap</xref>
  • a light, short sleep or nap
  • sleep lightly or for a short period of time
  • a light fitful sleep
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