• To rain gently in fine, mistlike drops.
  • To let fall in fine drops or particles.
  • To moisten with fine drops.
  • A fine, gentle, misty rain.
  • To fall, as water from the clouds, in very fine particles; rain in small drops: as, it <em>drizzles; drizzling</em> drops; <em>drizzling</em> rain.
  • To shed in small drops or particles.
  • A light rain; mizzle; mist.
  • A local English name of the young ling. Also called <internalXref urlencoded="ling-drizzle">ling-drizzle</internalXref>.
  • To shed slowly in minute drops or particles.
  • To rain slightly in very small drops; to fall, as water from the clouds, slowly and in fine particles
  • A fine rain or mist.
  • To <xref>rain</xref> lightly.
  • To <xref>pour</xref> slowly and evenly, especially with <xref>oil</xref> in <xref>cooking</xref>.
  • To <xref>urinate</xref>.
  • Light rain.
  • . Very small, numerous, and uniformly dispersed water drops, <xref>mist</xref>, or sprinkle. Unlike <xref>fog</xref> droplets, drizzle falls to the ground. It is sometimes accompanied by low visibility and fog.
  • Water.
  • rain lightly
  • moisten with fine drops
  • very light rain; stronger than mist but less than a shower
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