• A flowing outward.
  • Something that flows out or forth; an effluence.
  • A passing or an expiration, as of time.
  • The act or state of flowing out or issuing in a stream; effusion; effiuence; flow: as, an <em>efflux</em> of matter from an ulcer.
  • That which flows out; an emanation, effusion, or effluence.
  • To flow out or away.
  • The act or process of flowing out, or issuing forth; effusion; outflow
  • That which flows out; emanation; effluence.
  • To run out; to flow forth; to pass away.
  • The process of flowing out.
  • That which has flowed out.
  • To run out.
  • To flow forth.
  • To pass away.
  • the process of flowing out
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