• None
  • To adorn (a surface) with a prominent marking, such as a logo or heraldic symbol.
  • To inscribe (a prominent marking, such as a logo or heraldic symbol) on a surface.
  • To make resplendent with brilliant colors.
  • To make illustrious; celebrate.
  • To adorn with figures of heraldry or ensigns armorial: as, a shield <em>emblazoned</em> with armorial bearings.
  • To depict or represent, as an armorial ensign on a shield.
  • To set off with ornaments; decorate; illuminate.
  • To celebrate in laudatory terms; sing the praises of.
  • To blaze forth; shine out.
  • To depict or represent; -- said of heraldic bearings. See <xref urlencoded="blazon">blazon</xref>.
  • To deck in glaring colors; to set off conspicuously; to display pompously; to decorate.
  • To <xref>adorn</xref> with <xref>prominent</xref> <xref>markings</xref>.
  • To <xref>inscribe</xref> upon.
  • (heraldry) To <xref>draw</xref> (a <xref>coat of arms</xref>).
  • To <xref>celebrate</xref> or <xref>extol</xref> as with <xref>deeds</xref> or <xref>merit</xref>.
  • decorate with colors
  • decorate with heraldic arms
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