• In <em>zoology</em>: In Cuvier's system, the second class of <em>Radiata</em>, containing the intestinal worms, divided into two orders, <em>Nematoidea</em> and <em>Parenchymata.</em>
  • Now, a general name, of no classificatory significance, of internal parasites, such as intestinal worms: opposed to <em>Ectozoa</em>, the ectoparasites.
  • A genus of arachnids.
  • [<em>lowercase</em>] Plural of <internalXref urlencoded="entozo%C3%B6n">entozoön</internalXref>.
  • A group of worms, including the tapeworms, flukes, roundworms, etc., most of which live parasitically in the interior of other animals; the Helminthes.
  • An artificial group, including all kinds of animals living parasitically in others.
  • Plural form of <xref>entozoon</xref>.
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