• Equipment or furnishings.
  • None
  • A horse-drawn carriage with attendants.
  • The carriage itself.
  • A retinue, as of a noble or royal personage.
  • None
  • A set of small household articles, such as a tea service.
  • A collection of small articles for personal use.
  • To furnish with an equipage or outfit.
  • Equality.
  • An outfit; provision of means or materials for carrying out a purpose; furniture for efficient service or action; an equipment: specifically applied to the outfit of a ship or an army, including supplies of all kinds for the former, and munitions of war for the latter.
  • Furniture; garniture; accoutrements; habiliments; dress.
  • Retinue, as persons, horses, carriages, etc.; a train of attendants or dependents; especially, a coach with the horses, servants, liveries, harness, etc.: as, the <em>equipage</em> of a prince; Lady A.'s <em>equipage</em> was the handsomest in the park.
  • A collection of little implements often carried about the person, either in an étui made for the purpose, or suspended from a chatelaine, especially in the eighteenth century.
  • Furniture or outfit, whether useful or ornamental; especially, the furniture and supplies of a vessel, fitting her for a voyage or for warlike purposes, or the furniture and necessaries of an army, a body of troops, or a single soldier, including whatever is necessary for efficient service; equipments; accouterments; habiliments; attire.
  • Retinue; train; suite.
  • A carriage of state or of pleasure with all that accompanies it, as horses, liveried servants, etc., a showy turn-out.
  • <xref>Equipment</xref> or <xref>supplies</xref>, especially <xref>military</xref> ones.
  • Military <xref>dress</xref>; <xref>uniform</xref>, <xref>armour</xref> etc.
  • A type of <xref>horse-drawn</xref> <xref>carriage</xref>.
  • equipment and supplies of a military force
  • a vehicle with wheels drawn by one or more horses
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