• Overlapping at the base to form a flat, fanlike arrangement in two ranks, as the leaves of some irises.
  • Riding on horseback; mounted upon a horse.
  • Straddling.
  • In <em>entomology</em>, applied to the antennæ or other jointed organs when they are compressed, and each joint appears to be longitudinally folded, inclosing the base of the succeeding one.
  • Mounted on, or sitting upon, a horse; riding on horseback.
  • Overlapping each other; -- said of leaves whose bases are folded so as to overlap and bestride the leaves within or above them, as in the iris.
  • Mounted on, or sitting upon, a <xref>horse</xref>; riding on <xref>horseback</xref>.
  • <xref>Overlapping</xref> at the base.
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