• Making severe demands; rigorous.
  • Requiring great care, effort, or attention.
  • Given to or characterized by exaction; severe in requirement or requisition; exigent in action or procedure: as, an <em>exacting</em> master; an <em>exacting</em> inquiry.
  • Attended by exaction; requiring close attention or application; arduous; laborious; absorbing: as, an <em>exacting</em> office or employment; <em>exacting</em> duties; <em>exacting</em> demands upon one's time.
  • Oppressive or unreasonably severe in making demands or requiring the exact fulfillment of obligations; harsh; severe.
  • Making excessive demands; hard to satisfy.
  • Requiring precise accuracy
  • Present participle of <xref>exact</xref>.
  • requiring precise accuracy
  • severe and unremitting in making demands
  • having complicated nutritional requirements; especially growing only in special artificial cultures
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