• One who examines, inspects, or tries; one who interrogates a witness or an accused person.
  • A person appointed to conduct an examination, as in a school or college; one appointed to examine candidates for degrees or for public employment: as, the <em>examiners</em> in natural science, metaphysics, classics, etc.; civil-service <em>examiners.</em>
  • In the English chancery, an officer of court who examines on oath the witnesses produced on either side, or the parties themselves.
  • In the United States Patent Office, an official, subordinate to the commissioner of patents, whose duty it is to examine and report upon applications for the issue and reissue of patents, and upon alleged cases of interference with rights secured by patent.
  • A custom house officer appointed to examine merchandise, baggage, etc., in order to detect and prevent smuggling and other frauds on the treasury: called an <em>inspector</em> in the United States customs service.
  • One who examines, tries, or inspects; one who interrogates; an officer or person charged with the duty of making an examination
  • A person who investigates someone or something.
  • someone who administers a test to determine your qualifications
  • an investigator who observes carefully
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