• One that excites.
  • An auxiliary generator used to provide field current for a larger generator or alternator.
  • An oscillator for generating the carrier frequency of a transmitter.
  • One who or that which excites; one who puts in motion, or the cause which awakens and moves or sets in operation.
  • In <em>medicine</em>, a stimulant; an excitant.
  • In <em>electricity</em>, the dynamo-electric machine, battery, or other apparatus, which supplies current to energize the magnetic fields of other electric machines.
  • One who, or that which, excites.
  • A person who <xref>excites</xref>
  • The <xref>electronic</xref> <xref>oscillator</xref> that generates the carrier signal for a <xref>transmitter</xref>
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