• To prevent from entering; keep out; bar.
  • To prevent from being included, considered, or accepted; reject.
  • To put out; expel.
  • To shut out; debar from admission or participation; prevent from entering or sharing.
  • To except or reject, as from a privilege or grant, from consideration, etc.
  • To thrust out; eject; extrude.
  • To shut out; to hinder from entrance or admission; to debar from participation or enjoyment; to deprive of; to except; -- the opposite to <ex>admit</ex>
  • To thrust out or eject; to expel.
  • The name given to the third of the “three logical axioms,” so-called, namely, to that one which is expressed by the formula: “Everything is either A or Not-A.” no third state or condition being involved or allowed. See Principle of contradiction, under <er>Contradiction</er>.
  • To <xref>bar</xref> (someone) from <xref>entering</xref>; to <xref>keep</xref> <xref>out</xref>.
  • To <xref>expel</xref>; to put out.
  • To <xref>refuse</xref> to <xref>accept</xref> as <xref>valid</xref>.
  • To <xref>eliminate</xref> from <xref>diagnostic</xref> consideration.
  • prevent from being included or considered or accepted
  • put out or expel from a place
  • lack or fail to include
  • prevent from entering; keep out
  • prevent from entering; shut out
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