• None
  • To censure strongly; denounce.
  • To criticize (something) harshly.
  • To tear, scrape, or wear off (the skin).
  • To flay; strip off the skin of.
  • Hence To abrade; gall; break and remove the outer layers of (the skin) in any manner.
  • To strip or wear off the skin of; to abrade; to gall; to break and remove the cuticle of, in any manner, as by rubbing, beating, or by the action of acrid substances.
  • To wear off the <xref>skin</xref> of; to <xref>chafe</xref> or <xref>flay</xref>.
  • To strongly <xref>denounce</xref> or <xref>censure</xref>.
  • express strong disapproval of
  • tear or wear off the skin or make sore by abrading
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