• None
  • Running or flowing outward.
  • Marked by an outward flow of current.
  • None
  • Having a single, undivided trunk with lateral branches, as in spruce trees.
  • Extending beyond the apex of a leaf, as a midrib or vein.
  • Running out.
  • In <em>botany</em>: Projecting or running beyond the edge or point of anything, as when the midrib of a leaf projects beyond the apex.
  • Prolonged to the very summit: applied to the trunk of a tree which is undivided to the top, as in the spruce, in distinction from a <em>deliquescent</em> growth.
  • Giving passage outward; affording exit: as, an <em>excurrent</em> orifice.
  • Running or flowing out.
  • Characterized by a current which flows outward.
  • Of a <xref>vein</xref> or <xref>costa</xref>, <xref>extending</xref> beyond the tip or the <xref>margin</xref> of a <xref>leaf</xref>.
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