• A usually curved outdoor bench with a high back.
  • An often semicircular portico with seats that was used in ancient Greece and Rome as a place for discussions.
  • In <em>ancient architecture</em>, a raised platform with steps, in the open air, often by a roadside or in some other public place, provided with seats for the purpose of repose and conversation.
  • A room in a public building, furnished with seats.
  • None
  • The projection of any part of a building in a rounded form.
  • Any out-of-door seat in stone, large enough for several persons; esp., one of curved form.
  • A <xref>semicircular</xref> <xref>recess</xref>, with stone <xref>benches</xref>, used as a place for discussion.
  • A curved bench with a high back.
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