• A pressing or urgent situation.
  • An urgent requirement; a pressing need.
  • The state of being urgent; pressing need or demand; urgency: as, the <em>exigency</em> of the case or of business.
  • A pressing necessity; an urgent case; any case which demands prompt action, supply, or remedy: as, in the present <em>exigency</em> no time is to be lost.
  • A state of difficulty or want; a condition of distress or need.
  • Command; requirement: as, the <em>exigency</em> of a writ.
  • The state of being exigent; urgent or exacting want; pressing necessity or distress; need; a case demanding immediate action, supply, or remedy.
  • The <xref>demands</xref> or <xref>requirements</xref> of a <xref>situation</xref> (usually plural.)
  • An <xref>urgent</xref> situation.
  • A situation requiring <xref>extreme</xref> <xref>effort</xref> or <xref>attention</xref>.
  • a sudden unforeseen crisis (usually involving danger) that requires immediate action
  • a pressing or urgent situation
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