• Requiring immediate action; pressing: <i>synonym</i>: <strong> urgent</strong>.
  • Having or making urgent demands; demanding.
  • Urgently requiring: exacting.
  • An urgent occasion; an occasion that calls for immediate aid or action; an exigency.
  • End; extremity.
  • In <em>English law</em>, formerly, a writ preliminary to outlawry, which lay where the defendant could not be found, or after a return of <em>non est inventus</em> on former writs.
  • Exigency; pressing necessity; decisive moment.
  • The name of a writ in proceedings before outlawry.
  • Exacting or requiring immediate aid or action; pressing; critical.
  • <xref>Urgent</xref>; needing <xref>immediate</xref> <xref>action</xref>.
  • <xref>Demanding</xref>; needing great <xref>effort</xref>.
  • Extremity; end; limit; pressing urgency
  • The name of a <xref>writ</xref> in proceedings before <xref>outlawry</xref>.
  • requiring precise accuracy
  • demanding attention
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